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5 Fantasy Games You Can Enjoy

Fri / May / 2018

When it comes to the bedroom and sexual activities there are plenty of things couples can do to spice up the intimacy and as an escort, if you really want to try to impress your client you could try one of these games with him. You may come across clients who want to explore their sexuality more but don’t have the confidence or are too shy to ask. If you are into role-playing or just trying a game you haven’t tried before as a bit of fun you could try some of these.

Us here at Perfect London Escorts we thought we’d compile a short list of bedroom games to try with your clients if they would like that’s sure to impress them and turn the heat up in the bedroom. Remember if your client is impressed with you he can become a repeat client and tip you more for your services or even recommend you. So what are these fantastic games that could help increase clientele?

Well, in no particular order let’s start with:

The Fantasy Hat

The fantasy bowl is pretty straightforward but can get very hot very fast. You and your client need to write down you’re fantasies on pieces of paper, one per paper. Remember the naughtier the fantasy the better. Drop your pieces of paper with your fantasies written on them folded up into a bowl and shake the bowl till both your fantasies are mixed up with one another. Each of you then pulls a fantasy out of the bowl and talks about it until the fantasy becomes too much to talk about and the primal urges take over. If you do decide to play this game with a client be sure to state anything which is off boundaries that you don’t feel comfortable participating in or any fantasies that you don’t want to be included.


Role-play is a very fun fantasy to try out as it can be pretty much anything you desire and if you really want you can choose to dress up and pretend to be different people altogether. Whether you are a naughty nurse, a dominant police officer, a bad school girl, a cheerful cheerleader, an eager Catwoman or a bouncy bunny the opportunity to dress up and be someone else can be stimulating to both the mind and body. Role-play can also be such things as fictional characters which can be very lucrative for escorting as you may have many clients with specific sexual fictional fantasies they’ve never had the opportunity to experience such as Princess Leia in Star Wars or Wonder Woman.

Would You Rather?

Do you remember playing would you rather? A game we all played where we would propose two completely different and utterly ridiculous scenarios and ask which of the two would you rather do? As you can imagine, the naughty version of this can prove for some heat in the bedroom as you can ask would you rather do this to me, or do this to me, leaving your client with options on what he could to you which can be exhilarating. Would you rather is played by both people asking the questions in turns so there’s plenty of fun to be had with this.

Strip 21 Questions

Write down a list of questions, they can be whatever you want and if you really want, make the questions quite difficult as each time an answer is incorrect an item of clothing from the person answering has to be removed. So you can imagine if you make the questions as difficult as possible you’ll have your partner stripping like there’s a pole nearby. This can be a fun game to try with your client if he wants to see you remove clothing for him while you guys bond. You can request he asks questions about himself such as favourite food and movies, maybe questions that you clearly don’t have the answers too forcing you to have to strip. Rigging the game a little bit can also be part of the naughty appeal.

Truth Or Dare

What can be said about truth or dare? We’ve seen the popular and naughty game in countless media ventures throughout pop culture for years. Almost every American teen drama, sitcom, movie or cartoon has featured scenes of characters playing spin the bottle which then leads to further activities. Truth or dare is a game that can be a powerful tool to not only learn more about your client but also to have some fun as you propose a series of ultimatums consisting of either personal information, or physical acts and considering how beautiful you are, it’s evident out of truth or dare, your client will often choose the latter.

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