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A Day in the Life of a Perfect London Escort

Tue / Oct / 2018

A day the life of an Escort!

I would like to tell you all what a day in the life of an escort looks like. As an escort for Perfect London Escorts. I have been working for this company for 3 years now. Don’t get me wrong it is a job like any other. I have good days and bad days and sometimes difficult people to deal with. Often I think of myself as a people pleaser and I will always try to go out of my way to make sure that my clients are happy. I offer a lot of services to make sure that this is something that always happens. Now I am not trying to be big headed but I do consider myself a beautiful lady. I really like to be appreciated. I love to strip for a man and watch him taking me in with his eyes. You see I am a busty lady and normally one of the first things to go is my top. I take pride in dressing for my clients and always make sure they like what they see. If a client wants something more specific like colour or uniform I am happy to oblige.

To The Point

So anyway let’s not get off track. Today I have a booking for 17:00. The client is coming to my apartment which just means I have more time to get ready. The client has booked for 4 hours so I know that there is no rush for us. I am relaxed and still get excited when waiting for the doorbell to ring. My client arrives 5 minutes early! (even better! I love a punctual man)

This client has specified he wants red lingerie, So I have put on my favourite outfit. It always makes me feel sexy. It is a tight red bodice with matching thong and suspender belt. Let’s just say it emphasises my assets. I have picked white stocking to go with it, because red and white why not?

The client is looking a little nervous but I can tell that he has something to ask me. So I bide my time and try to relax him with some general conversation. I can see that he is starting to relax so I am more confident in asking him what he wants. He finally admits that he would love A level. This is not something that he has experienced before. I tell him that I am open to this if he would like to try it with me. After a little striptease, it is all about the action. As always I feel relaxed and I am enjoying myself. The client is clearly more relaxed with me now which is always great.

We had a really great afternoon and the client was happy when he left me. He promises to make a booking again in the near future, which I am looking forward to.

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