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Tips For Enjoying The Perfect Experience

Fri / Jun / 2018

When you book an escort you probably have all kinds of high expectations in mind. Of course, you want her to look like and actually be the woman in her photo's. You probably also want her to have her make up all done and wearing the highest heels with the sexiest lingerie underneath a high-end fashion dress which is fine, she will be looking like a knockout but have you ever stopped to wonder just what's expected of you as a client? Sure you're expected to make sure you pay the right amount and be respectful but what else? Also if you've never booked an escort before it can be an incredibly exhilarating and terrifying experience. You may have all kinds of thoughts racing through your head such as what to say, how to behave and will you satisfy her? Fear not though for we're going to go through a few things you can do to make the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for you both. Cleanliness So the first thing to think about is what is expected of you every time, ...

5 Fantasy Games You Can Enjoy

Fri / May / 2018

When it comes to the bedroom and sexual activities there are plenty of things couples can do to spice up the intimacy and as an escort, if you really want to try to impress your client you could try one of these games with him. You may come across clients who want to explore their sexuality more but don't have the confidence or are too shy to ask. If you are into role-playing or just trying a game you haven't tried before as a bit of fun you could try some of these. Us here at Perfect London Escorts we thought we'd compile a short list of bedroom games to try with your clients if they would like that's sure to impress them and turn the heat up in the bedroom. Remember if your client is impressed with you he can become a repeat client and tip you more for your services or even recommend you. So what are these fantastic games that could help increase clientele? Well, in no particular order let's start with: The Fantasy Hat The fantasy bowl is pretty straightforward but ...

Escort Girls Blog – How to write a blog on London Escorts

Tue / Dec / 2017

London is a city where everything happen, so it should be easy to write a Escort Girls Blog one may think. The only thing is that having too many choices and ideas on your head won’t get you anywhere. You need to focus, make a plan and go step by step. Well, I suppose the first thing that you need to choose is how to go about it. Are you going to write about the London Night Life, or perhaps Society and Celebrities or maybe about a famous English personality or why not the day to day life of a London Escort girls. Right,  you made a choice as to what subject are you going to be writing about. Now the next thing is to make a plan and write down some key ideas about the subject. Ideas that you can then expand and divide into many different sections. Probably, this  is what will make your Escort girls blog. We are going to write an Escort girls blog of a London Escort. We will start by saying that most London escorts are professionals ...

London Dating – How to Get the Best out of It !

Fri / Jul / 2015

London is dubbed as the capital of music, youth, films, trends, art, culture, liberalism and of course dating. London has so much more to offer. So if you are looking for your next busty escorts to date, don’t go somewhere else, visit London right away. London has become the most exciting, provocative and vibrant city in the world. Millions of people visit London all year round from different countries all over the world. And the tourists only say one word - lovely! They are mesmerized by the nonconformity characteristics of people and the freedom of expression. They just love to be in London to search for fun and excitement.   London is also a favorite destination of single men who are just waiting to find their match or just want to date London escorts. London overwhelms tourists with a lot of choices and finding quickly what they are looking for. The best thing about London is that it knows no prejudice - people of all ages, of ethnicity and of culture are most welcome in London to search for fun and good ...

London Night clubs – The Party Never Stops !

Fri / Jul / 2015

London Nightclubs are as ravishing as the London City itself. As they say, the city never sleeps and the party never stops - literally! There are a lot of things to do and variety of places to see during the night. There are so many clubs in London to be explored and trust me these places are just alluring. London offers different clubs and bars to satisfy your needs. It is not just all about loud dancing floors but it also has venues for small DJ bars. It does not matter what day of the week as the London nightclubs just scintillating with all the party animals are easing out the pressures and stressful work of the day. The people go out to chill and meet their acquaintances over a drink at the nightclub to have fun.   There are plethora of music options like hip-hop to jazz, from reggae to classic rock, name it and you will have it! If you want something different and quiet where you can take a sexy blonde escort, London nightlife has something to offer to ...

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