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London Sightseeing

Fri / Feb / 2019

I am a visitor to London. This is my very first time here in the UK. I would like to share some of my experiences with you so far. Firstly WOW London! It is a beautiful place with so much history and so much to do. I have done the sightseeing and I have done the tours. Loved every single minute of the trip so far. Not to mention the fabulous food and places to eat and drink. I am from a small town and smaller community so this has been very eye-opening for me. In a good way of course. Where I come from it is not easy to simply find and book a woman to please you. This is something that still amazes me. So I made the most of it. I looked a lot online and there are a lot of Agencies that work in the area I am staying. After several hours a lot of clicking and searching I had narrowed down my search. I called the number provided and had no luck with my first ...

Setting The Record Straight

Mon / Jan / 2019

Hi, I am an Escort and I have been working with the Agencies in London for about 4 years. I would just like to take a minute of your time to set the record straight once and for all. I am Eastern European and I adore London and all it has to offer. But let's face it. It is not a cheap place to live. I came to London knowing exactly what my plans were and I planned to go into the escort business long before I arrived. I have friends also in the same line of work. They told me all about London and what it had to offer before I even arrived. It sounded amazing and now that I am here I could not imagine been anywhere else. I am not stupid by any means and I know exactly what was needed to be an Escort. I love intimacy I always have and I always will. Every little thing that this entails really turns me on and to think that I can please multiple men excited me a ...

The Cure For Loneliness

Fri / Nov / 2018

I do not really know where to begin with telling you all about my life. So please bear with me and I will start from the very beginning. I am a single dad, I have been for the full 4 years of my son's life. I love being a parent but it is hard work and often very lonely. I do not have time to go out dating and although I have tried online dating it really is not for me. I do not really seek a relationship but I do seek the touch of a woman and intimacy. On a particularly lonely day after my son went to bed. I was feeling really low, unloved and needing a connection of some sort. I decided to look through the internet simply to get the relief that my body feels like it is constantly lacking. I am not going to sugar coat or lie to anyone here. In the past, I have watched movies and I have read erotic stories in the past to find that release. It is something that normally always works ...

My Very First Duo

Fri / Oct / 2018

My Experience With My Duo Ok, so as promised I am back to tell you all about my experience. It has taken me a while to write this as I am still getting over everything that happened and hoping it was not all a dream. After making my appointment (As detailed in the last blog) I was very excited to meet the girls. I was early for my booking and have to have a cup of coffee in the nearby cafe to pass the time. Yes, that is how much I was looking forward to it. I arrived at the agreed time. Ok, so I was still 5 minutes early. The girls opened the door and I was gobsmacked. I stayed like that the whole time if I am honest. They were beautiful and much more then I expected. I was really nervous and the girls were so helpful. We took care of the fees etc and she led me to sit on the side of the bed. She talked to me and asked what I wanted. I tried to explain but ...

Visiting London

Fri / Oct / 2018

Trip to London Hi, I am a businessman from Dubai. I travel to London often with the company I work for. I enjoy London on a whole but it is so busy. I like the food and the culture though. I was in London last month for yet another meeting and I really wanted to go out for something to eat. I was in a bit of a predicament as I did not want to go and discuss work with the people I was within London and I did not want to go alone. I like the company and I like to talk and find out about new people. I decided to ring Perfect London Escort Agency to see if they had anyone that would suit my need. Which were very basic. Someone good to talk to. Good looking and available to dine out with me in the Capital that evening. I got sent through quite a few profiles for me to look at. The girls were all beautiful and I would not have minded spending time with any of them. ...

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