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June 22, 2019

Tyler will make your eyes roll (In a good way) Wow petite and perfect!

May 28, 2019

Tyler OMG Tyler WOW she is amazing and so very perfect in every way. She blew my mind! Very sexy and loves to take control! My perfect Woman.

Matt Divine
June 6, 2017

I had a couple hours on Saturday with Tyler and as always it was just what the doctor ordered. I have seen her a couple of times before and i have to say she is one of my all time faves. She never rushes or makes me feel like i am just a client. She always gives me great attention and actually remembers the way i like her to use her tongue . Don't even have to ask ! Damn good technique that girl has got not to mention how she makes me do crazy things to her. Yummy !

October 30, 2016

Tyler is a very nice, sexy and extreme natural girl one you do not find that easily those days. She made me believe she was having a really good time with me, even with respect to the "money part". She is bright, very sexy - of course, kind and has a very good mind set, that's very rare to come by. It complements her beauty, intelligence and kindness very well, I never saw a "that" beautiful woman like her - on the whole - to date. "I ask her to make me not forget her!" - And do I need to tell? - she delivered. Wish her all the best, life is going to offer her. She deserves so much better! Stay as you are, stay true to yourself and damn - never change the slightest thing about you. (5 of 5 stars) I would never have written a review (never have before), if it wasn't for her. I should have told her all those things when I was with her, but shy and worn-out as I was i sadly didn't. One last thing: She doesn't like skydiving, but what the heck... :) Sincerely yours engineer of physics/computer science

September 2, 2016

Tyler’s photos say it all. She is utterly delightful - warm, beautiful, sexy, spirited, a great performer and bags of fun. She would relax anyone. And I had quite a hangover too. She is not to be missed.

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