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What’s in the News
Perfect London Escorts have new London escorts coming almost every day. London being such a cosmopolitan city attracts new escorts all the time. Escorts of all nationalities, types, backgrounds and ages. They must all be at least 18 years of age and be legally allowed to work in the UK.

Whiles the European Union keep growing, new girls especially from Easter Europe will continue to arrive. Perhaps some of them come here to work but many come directly to work. Many  girls choose London as a place to come to study.  They support themselves by doing some odd jobs but maybe doing some escort work on the side. This is a great plus for the escorts industry in London.

Now we not only have English Escorts but also have Bulgarian, Polish, French, Rumanian, Estonian escorts to name but a few. Perhaps you can imagine, the choice is endless.

Our customers are spoiled for choice and if they choose to, they could have a new escorts almost every day.

To make a booking, please call us now on 07771644254, and ask our receptionist who would be the best escort for you.