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Get your Loyalty Card Now.

Don’t we all like to get rewarded by our LOYALTY!!!!

Well Yes…….. That is why PERFECT LONDON ESCORTS has developed a Loyalty Program where you will be rewarded by your

Loyalty to all the girls in our website!!

How does it works:

Every time you go to see any of our girls for at least 1 hour,

you will get 10 points = £10

You can claim your discount points at any time but

if you accumulated up to 100 points they become £150 so

you can go to see any of the girls TOTALLY FREE or the equivalent

of £150 discount off any booking!

We will pay for you to have a good time………. Isn’t that Great!!!

Go on, give us a call Today and

start getting your Loyalty Points

All our Girls will Love to see you

The More Points – The More Fun

To find out more Please Call us NOW +44(0)7771644254

Loyalty Card

All people always have something, someone, somewhere that we like most and so we always go back. At the same time, we like to have some recognition for being a loyal customer. Perfect London Escorts understand that very well and so we like to reward our clients. All girls also love to see repeat clients specially when they have been good and generous.

Free Escort

What can best that spending some time with a girl that is going to treat you like a king and not paying anything for it. Well, with our loyalty scheme you could do just that ! The more you see any of our girls, the more points you get. This points are equivalent to cash that you can redeem any time. But if you save them till 100 points = £100 they become £150.  Come and join our Loyalty Card Program now.

Loyalty reward scheme