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Why Most Men Prefer Blonde Escorts?

Fri / Apr / 2019

Why most men prefer blonde escorts? Studies show that men approach blondes more than brunettes or redheads. Moreover, men state that they base their decision strictly on sexual intent. Sexually, men seem to prefer blondes, including blonde escorts. Here are some potential explanations as to why men choose blonde escort girls

The Correlation to Forbidden Sex

Men subconsciously correlate blonde hair in a woman to promiscuity. If you go back several hundreds of years, it becomes obvious why. Two hundred years ago, women who chose a promiscuous lifestyle typically dyed their hair blonde. Why? They were in the the business of offering sexual favors and it required a bit of old-fashioned marketing. So, they had to stand out in the all-grey surroundings of the time. Blonde hair did the trick and men could identify them by the color of their hair.

Women had a hard time dying their hair blonde without being labeled as prostitutes. Why? Simply because men and the society in general associated light hair in a woman with prostitution or promiscuity. The attraction of promiscuity – forbidden aspect of sex – seems to have survived centuries though. It seems that it is embedded in men’s genes somehow. It is a logical to assume that the correlation between blonde hair and promiscuity makes blonde escorts more desirable among men.


The Hollywood Star Aura of Blonde Escorts

The historical correlation to promiscuity has been rehashed extensively by Hollywood. The media in general has done the same, taking advantage of the attraction men had to blonde women. Today, Hollywood and blonde hair go hand in hand. And, the Hollywood blondes are extremely beautiful women and it is normal that men feel attracted to them. However, these stars are out of most men’s league. What are the chances of a regular men to be with a Hollywood famous blonde? It is unlikely that the fantasies they have with these women will ever come true. But it does not stop men from dreaming, does it?

Blonde escorts are the closest they can get to those Hollywood stars. Hence, men feel that being with a blonde escort is like being with a real-life Hollywood diva. They sort of want to see if the reality matches the hype. It is no wonder that escorts in London color their hair blonde. In fact, women in general try the blonde look at least once in their life because they want to be more attractive. Why? Because not only men associate blonde hair with an attractive appearance. Women do too!

It is true that people no longer associate blonde hair with promiscuity at a conscious level. They are past those misconceptions, at least officially. It is considered discrimination to label a woman as a prostitute based on the color of her hair. However, they do associate blonde hair in a woman with sexuality, diva status, glamour models, extreme beauty, and, of course, Hollywood. It is this correlation that makes blonde escorts so popular among men.

Men Correlate Blonde Escorts to Youth and Health

Very few women or blonde escorts are natural blondes. Why? Blonde hair turns darker as we age, which is why is more often seen in younger women. The world is packed with young women that are blondes. But we don’t see as many in the 30+ age group. At a subconscious level, men associate blonde hair with youth, i.e., younger women. They don’t even realize it. It is something they do subconsciously. Thus, we have another reason why men are more drawn to blonde escorts than brunettes, for example.

Light hair often comes with light skin. Light skin is associated with health. Hundreds of years ago, the poor worked the fields and their leathery sunburnt skin was not attractive. Poor people were also lacking in health. They were poorly fed and therefore their skin suffered. Only rich people who could afford quality food had fair skin and lighter hair. Over the years, people started associating blonde women with light complexion with health. Genetically, men are looking for healthy partners. Again, they are not necessarily aware of it. And that makes another reason why men choose blonde escorts more often than brunette escorts or redhead escorts.

Blondes are Funny and Busty

It is not exactly understood why men think that blondes have a funny nature AND big boobs. Perhaps because so many women characters with blonde hair are portrayed as funny in the movies. And they have big boobs! It is one of the most plausible explanations. Statistically, 22% of men prefer women who are naturally funny. As a result, blonde escorts are more popular also because men think they are funny! And all men want to date a partner who is funny.

Wrapping Up

Blonde escorts especially when they come with big boobs are the attraction of any respectable London escort agency. Blondes are considered sexy, funny, healthy, and have that Hollywood star aura that is so appealing! Browse our gallery of beautiful, extremely sexy blonde escorts and you will see what we mean!

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