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My First Experience

Thu / Sep / 2018

Canadian Man In London

I am taking the time right now to let you know how my very first experience with a Perfect London Escort went. First of all a little about me! I am a single businessman I am 34 years old and I am from Canada. I was due to visit London on business. Having been to London a few times I know my way around, but I have never had an experience with an escort before.

My colleagues and I were having a nice meal in the hotel’s restaurant when I noticed one of the men constantly checking his watch. Thinking I was been funny I asked him why he was clock watching and if he has somewhere to be. He answered that yes he was in a hurry as he has booked a “date” for the evening.

Obviously, I was intrigued so I asked him who and how. He gave me the Perfect London Escorts website. I looked through the site all night and more the next day. I must admit I am quite a shy guy in general but the pictures on there are very nice!

Making My Booking

Nerves aside I decided to ring the number provided and spoke to the receptionist. She was really helpful in easing my nerves and putting my mind at ease. After some recommendations, I decided that I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and picked Annemona to come to my hotel. Her profile is amazing and she is a dominant lover. All very new to me but very exciting. After the confirmation came through the nerves got so much worse. I am so pleased that I booked her for the same evening, I do not know if I would have got through the suspense without getting cold feet. I had options so I booked her for 3 hours. Plenty of time to fulfil my fantasies and more.

The Meeting

Annemona arrived on time and was even more beautiful in person. We sat and talked briefly and she put my mind at ease whilst finding out what I really wanted. As soon as she kissed me my nerves disappeared and we got down to the more interesting stuff. Without going into too many details I can tell you that my mind was blown. She has changed the way I view sex and made me open to other experiences I have been missing out on. Annemona did not rush me at all. She took the time to please me and control me. It was beyond words. Think your wildest fantasies then multiply it.

I do not have the words to describe what she did to me but I can promise you this will not be the last time I see her. I am now back home counting down the days and volunteering for everything until I can get back to London again.

The whole process was made so easy. Needless to say, I have now become a regular client of Perfect London Escorts.

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