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  • Finally!

    Got that Friday feeling? We have and we are ready for a really busy weekend. Girls are already signing in for this morning and making it clear they are available 24 hours. Do not miss your opportunity. Lines are open now you can pre-book for any day this weekend too!

  • Nearly there!

    It is Thursday the weekend is within touching distance right now! Stay positive and keep aiming for the 2 days off! Of course, we are not off. Our lines will be open all weekend and our girls will be ready and waiting for you! Feel free to prebook and guarantee your time with your favourite girl.

  • More more and more!

    We have more new girls! More girls returning and More girls adding new pictures and new locations. Our website is fully up to date just now take a look. You really do not want to miss out.

  • Weekend Blues!

    So it is Sunday and today is the last day of your weekend! All our girls are available today and the website is as always up to date! We have brand new girls once again along with girls returning and some girls even dropping their prices to suit all of you. Lines are open now let me know who you want to see!

  • You made it!

    Another week is done. The weekend is finally here! We have so much choice for you this weekend, with new girls, girls returning and of course our ever dependent girls ready and waiting for you. Make this a weekend to remember! Lines open now!

  • Midweek Bonus

    We made it. It is now midweek and it has been a fantastic weekend and start to the week so far. We are so busy with new girls and girls adding brand new recent photos it is really great. Keep an eye on our website as it is updated daily.

  • Always here for you!

    We are a well established long running escort agency. We have been working in London for over a decade. We take the time to get to know our girls and make sure that you are getting the very best. We pride ourselves on what we offer you knowing that our client's opinions come first. If you have any question, doubt or request we are here for you! We also offer an amazing loyalty system for our regular clients.

  • New new new

    It is a brand new week and we have so much going on right now! Brand new girls that have just arrived in London and eager to set a client base. They are all very eager and available today. This and the girls returning! We are spoiling you! Our website is up to date!

  • Weekend news!

    Finally, Saturday is here again! So much going on this weekend. The girls have already started taking booking for the next 2 days. We have new girls and beautiful girls returning to enjoy the British summer. Is your girl back? Today we have back Aimie, Frutti, Alegria, Amelie, and Donna! They are available today.

  • Independence Day

    Ok so, in theory, this is a very American thing, But we do cater to everyone. Are you looking to get in the mood for the parties happening around London today? Looking for some fun and to find your independent side? Look no further. Lines are open now!

  • Making the most of it!

    So it is a new week and we are really enjoying the great British summer. As if the girls were not hot enough we now have a few more degrees to add to that! Our girls are available for you today and every day. Working now until very very late!

  • Sun and fun!

    It is Sunday and oh what a fun day! We have lots of girls available for fun today. Whatever you want we have someone who can help you! Take a look through our website. It is all up to date and all girls are active. Lines are open now!

  • Weekend!

    It is Friday! Happy start of the weekend to you all! We are anticipating yet another busy weekend. Please remember you can prebook a time with the girl of your choice to make sure you see who you really want to see.

  • Mid week news!

    So we here at Perfect London Escorts always put our girls first! They are saying that they are looking for some fun and they are ready for you! We have even more new girls joining our agency knowing that we are one of the best in London. If you want choice and the most beautiful women then look no further! Lines open now!

  • NEW!

    A brand new week and we have brand new girls. All taking booking already and making a great impression so far! You do not want to miss out on meeting them.

  • Rest or Play?

    It is Sunday. A great day to have some fun. All the girls are starting early today and the lines are open early. Get in touch to make your booking for today!

  • Have you done it yet?

    Have you made plans for the weekend yet? The girls are getting very busy very fast. Summer has officially begun and we are looking forward to some sunshine and very happy clients. Don't leave your booking too late!

  • Finally Friday

    So officially it is the first day of summer today! The longest day of the year is upon us. How will you spend that extra time? Look no further we have everything you are looking for. Lines are open now.

  • Take a look!

    All updates are done and everything is up to date. Pleased to announce that Pamela and Nicky are back from their holidays. Gia and Serenity have dropped their prices for a limited time and we have 3 new girls all today! Happy Wednesday all!

  • Just for you!

    We have more girls returning just for you. We also have new girls joining our agency. We have so much to offer you right now. Remember to book in advance to secure your perfect date and avoid disappointment.

  • New week.

    A brand new week and a lot to see this week. We have new girls and we have girls returning. We are all summer ready and looking for fun. Keep an eye on our website it is all up to date!

  • They’re coming back!

    We have lots of girls returning once more. Some have been gone for a few weeks some for months to avoid the great British weather. Keep an eye on our website for the daily updates so you don't miss out!

  • Get ready!

    Finally Friday again! Are you looking for a great way to spend your weekend? Feeling stressed and need a break? Do you know just when you will have time? We are now taking pre-bookings for the weekend so you can make sure that the girl you want will be available just for you! Do not be afraid to book in advance.

  • Midweek Dash

    So many newbies for you to look at as well as girls returning. Our website is fully up to date so keep an eye out for the one you want. Lines open 10 am to 2 am 7 days a week.

  • Brand new!

    A brand new week with brand new girls! How good are we to you? Do not miss out on the new girls joining our agency. Book fast before they are taken. Everyone loves an eager newbie!

  • Sunday Fun!

    Last day of the weekend before Monday strikes again. Lots of girls are available already and they are waiting for you. Make today unforgettable and make it fun. Lines are open now!

  • Perfect weekends!

    Are you bored? Want to have some fun? We have so much to offer you here at Perfect London Escorts. Let us know what you really want and we will help you find the perfect match. Even more new girls this week so if you fancy teaching them just what you like take a look today!

  • The weekend again!

    Yes, it is finally that time of the week again. Time to relax have fun and alleviate all that stress. Do you need help to relax? How about a lovely massage? We have the perfect girls for you ready and waiting right now. Lines open until 2am.

  • Girls!

    We have lots of girls returning again this week. They are ready for a hot summer with lots of fun. Take a look through our website and see if your favourite girl is back.

  • Loads just for you!

    Hi, We have recently had an influx of new girls join our agency. They are very eager to please and looking for some fun. Do you have what it takes? Take a look at our website and check out all we have to offer!

  • Last chance!

    It is Sunday again! Known to the girls as fun day! Are you looking for some fun today? Of course with a beautiful woman who will give you all her time and attention... If you are then take a look at who we have available for you. Lines are open already today and we are waiting for you. Message, Call or Whatsapp.

  • We are ready!

    We are ready for Friday and the weekend are you? Yes, finally another weekend. The girls are all very excited to hear that the weather is looking up and they are ready to have some fun. Have you got what it takes? There are always girls available 24/7.

  • Mid week surprises

    So we are near to the weekend. Just a quick reminder that our girls are available until late every single day. Also, do not forget your loyalty points when making a booking. The more fun you have the more that you save! New girls have also just been added so keep looking.

  • Bank holiday!

    So there is no reason to get up in the morning for some of you very lucky people. Why not spend an extra night having some fun just for you? Our girls as always are working 7 days a week regardless of holidays. Our lines are open and we are ready for you!

  • Friday feeling!

    Yes! It is Friday again. What are your weekend plans? We have a fantastic selection of girls available and once again we bring you brand new girls and girls returning. Keep watching the Website!

  • Here we go again!

    It is midweek and we have some great surprises for you. Are you keeping an eye on the website? We have new girls again and some favourites returning from a well earned holiday. I know a lot of you have been waiting for your favourite girls to return so keep watching. We also update our twitter daily with a taster of a newbie or a girl returning. Don't forget to follow us! @PerfectLondonE1

  • Summer is coming.

    Ok so with a little over a month until summer finally kicks in what do you have planned? Our girls are hoping for a hot summer and they are bikini and beach ready. If you want to be the first to see where their white bits are then book now!

  • Make Plans

    The weekend is finally here again. Do not waste it doing nothing when we have great girls available for you right now! Girls looking for all day fun and girls ready to party anytime day or night! Take a look at our website now!

  • Remember!

    Hi, all just a quick reminder that we have new girls joining our agency often! Our website is up to date so remember to take a look. Also, do not forget to follow our twitter page and take a look as we often place new girls and returning girls there too. @Perfectlondonescorts.

  • Spring is in the air!

    So we are well into spring now and we are seeing a little sunshine to brighten up our days. With so many new girls joining us this month we guarantee that we have the perfect spot for you to have an hour or more out! Our girls are more than willing to accommodate or even come to your hotel. Contact us to confirm your time and place!

  • Last day!

    Make the most of the last day of the weekend. Do you have plans? Want to make some? We have girls active right now until late. Our phone lines are open 10 am to 2 am 7 days a week. Drop us a message or give us a call right now. We are always happy to help.

  • Get ready!

    The weekend is here. You do not want to miss out. The girls are saying that this is going to be a super busy weekend now the bank holidays are out of the way. They are all taking pre-bookings now so avoid disappointment today!

  • Keep up to date!

    A reminder that our website is updated daily. If you are looking for a girl or waiting on one returning keep watching the website. Send us a quick message and we will happily keep you informed if there is a specific girl you are waiting on.

  • Remember!

    Do not forget our loyalty rewards system. A great way for you to earn points whilst you have fun. These points are available for any booking of 1 hour or more. Take a look through our website the girls are returning from their holidays and festivities.

  • What to do?

    So it is another bank holiday. Only today we do not have the nice weather. Do you want to spend the day staying warm? We have lots of girls already active this morning and more than willing to make this bank holiday HOT! Book now before they are all busy having fun!

  • Sundays rule!

    Do not miss out today it is going to be a busy one. The girls are already getting booked up as this bank holiday is shown to bring you all out. Take a look at our new girls who are very eager to please and make a great first impression. Do not leave it too long today as you may miss out!

  • Make plans?

    The week is nearly over and already the girls are taking bookings. We will happily take a prebooking to be confirmed on the day so you know that you will get to see the girl you really want to. We always try to keep you happy!

  • New for you!

    Please don't forget to keep looking at our website at the new girls. We have loads of new girls with so much to offer. Anything you are looking for. These girls are young and very eager to please you! All experienced and open minded.

  • Its all over now!

    So with London so busy yesterday due to the Marathon we can finally get back to normality. Hoping that times are something that is now more manageable. Did you get to watch the Marathon? Our girls are available as always today! Lines are open.

  • Full day fun!

    It is Sunday. Tomorrow is back to work for many and today is your last chance this week to have some fun. We have lots of girls already available this morning. Making the most of the day ahead. Lines are open. Do not forget our Loyalty points system. Meaning the more you book the more you save.

  • Take a look!

    So the weekend is finally here again! It has been a long long week for us all here at Perfect London. We have so many new girls and a lot leaving on their holidays. Take a look at our website as it is all up to date for you. The new girls are looking fabulous and they are eager to make a great impression.

  • Bored yet?

    So the long weekend is over! Back to reality and boredom is setting in. Do you want to add some excitement? We have girls waiting for you right now! Give us a call.

  • Happy Monday!

    It is a beautiful day once more and to top it all off it is a bank holiday. A perfect time to do something fun and exciting. Here at Perfect London Escorts, we have just the girls for you to do this with. The girls are already up and active this morning knowing that today is going to be a busy day and getting some early morning sunshine. Great energy all around. The lines are open!

  • Bank Holidays!

    Well, it is a bank holiday and the roads are busy busy busy. Avoid going out and stay close to home today. Get your own entertainment and make today a relaxing fun day. All our girls are available throughout the day into the night. Make the most of your long weekend!

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! What a reason to celebrate. A long weekend and beautiful weather. The girls are all taking booking for the entire weekend no. So if you want to pre-book a time please let us know as soon as possible. We are anticipating a very busy weekend. Lines are open now.

  • Midweek happiness!

    So it is the middle of the week. half way there! Long weekend ahead! Oh so much to look forward to. Why not start a little early and get yourself in the mood to celebrate. We have some really stunning party girls and our amazing GFE girls. No matter your mood we have just what you need.

  • New week.

    So it is a brand new week again and with a bank holiday coming up and a few extra days to relax we have just the thing for you. Our beautiful girls will be working as always 7 days a week and long hours. If you want to have a nice relaxing massage or more call us today! Let us find your perfect Day/Night?

  • Party day!

    So it is Saturday and what better way to blow off the week then a good party. We have a great range of party girls that are looking for fun. If you are wanting to have fun and make your weekend better then take a look at our girls that are always there to please you. Bring the party to them or they will bring it to your hotel! You choose.

  • The end of the week.

    Finally the end of the week is in sight. The girls are already taking bookings for the weekend hoping to be very busy. If you know who you want to see and when then hurry and book now. We are available to take your calls and messages.

  • Almost there!

    So it is turning out to be a long cold week. We are almost at half way and it is time to relax, take a deep breath and refresh. A great massage is something that can really help you and we have stunning girls to give you just this. Maybe more? You choose.

  • Last chance!

    So it is the end of the week! Last chance to make your booking for this week. We have all the girls available today but it is getting busier. If you see a girl you like let us know as soon as possible. We don't want you to miss out!

  • It’s Here

    Finally, the weekend is within reach. What are your plans? Some of the girls are already taking bookings anticipating a very busy weekend now spring is upon us. If you do not want to miss out on your favourite girl give us a call or message ASAP to confirm and pre-book! Lines are open now!

  • Nearly there!

    So it is nearly the end of the week and what a week it has been. Remember to keep checking the website for all new updates and to see who is new and who is returning. It has been a busy week with new girls joining our agency so take a look. Remember lines are open 10 am to 2 am 7 days a week. You can also send us a message or a Whatsapp.

  • Time to chill!

    So it has been a very busy few days with lots going on. We have had Mothers day and April fools day. Now it is time to get back into the swing of a normal day. Are you looking for ways to relax? Check out our girls that give wonderful massages! You will not leave stressed that is for sure! Happy Tuesday everyone!

  • Mothering Sunday

    So lots of people have plans for the day and it is making a very busy Sunday. If you have nothing to do then our girls are available. Call us today to make this Sunday a good one for you. Take a look now and make sure your ideal girl is available. Lines are open!

  • Friday!

    It is finally Friday again. What are your plans this weekend? We are looking at a busy weekend with the girls already getting booked days in advance. If you want a meeting with your favourite the sooner the better. Call us today to confirm your time.

  • Midweek surprises.

    So it is midweek. Meaning it is nearly the weekend! Thank goodness. We have 6 new girls that have been added to the website so far this week. They are available now and will remain available all weekend. If you would like to meet one then get in touch and we can make the booking for you. You really do not want to miss out. These girls are stunning, high-class and beautiful.

  • Holidays are over!

    So we are getting girls back from their long winter holidays. Has your favourite returned? So far this week we have seen the return of Valentina, Lilah and Porsha. Always very popular with both old and new clients. Check out their profiles today.

  • Make it a happy Monday

    There is so much doom and gloom around in the news. All the bad news. Let's break the hype and make this day a happy day. Why not spend some time with a stunning woman. Get a nice relaxing massage to relieve the stress in your life? Whatever you want we have it for you here at Perfect London Escorts.

  • Last chance!

    The last day of the week! Yes. it is Sunday. With nearly, all our girls already signed in and waiting for bookings today is the day you may get just what you want. Call now to secure your booking with your favourite girl, Or try someone new. We have lots of new girls this month. Take a look now.

  • Weekend!

    It is finally Friday again! Whew, what a week. Make your plans early this weekend as already we are getting busy. There are lots of new people both girls and clients so do not take too long to decide. You can call, message or even WhatsApp us to make your booking. Lines open 10 am to 2 am 7 days a week!

  • Midweek Mayhem

    So it is the middle of the week and there is so much going on right now. The girls are getting booked up fast and there seems to be a call for our beauties all over central London. Please remember that we have a fantastic loyalty points scheme that gets better the more bookings you make.

  • Fresh Start!

    A brand new week and let's hope that this one brings us all the luck and happiness we need. We have some really amazing new girls for you to look at on the website. Do not forget to keep checking for updates. Also girls returning as always from their holidays.

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    We here at Perfect London Escorts would like to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day. We hope that you all have a really great day planned and if you do not our girls are working as normal. If your party starts later remember our lines remain open until 2 am. Last minute or book in advance we are here for you!

  • Weekend!

    Yes, it is finally the weekend. It is here. What are your plans? We have some really great girls available right now and all weekend. We are anticipating a very busy one. So get a booking as soon as possible.

  • Are you checking?

    So are you looking at the website? We have so many updates right now and so many new girls just for you. Take a look through I am sure you will find what you are looking for. All our DUOS are up to date and there are many new girls taking part in this service too. So many hot new and fun girls for you to choose from too. Do not miss out!

  • Still looking to keep warm?

    So the weather is still not showing signs of spring. It is due to get very cold out there. Why not think of keeping warm? We have a fabulous selection of amazing women willing to help you out. Take a look at our website today.

  • There is a storm brewing!

    So once again English weather at its best. We are expecting a storm and it is advised where possible to stay inside warm and dry! What a great idea! So if you are looking for entertainment whilst obeying these rules then look no further! With so many possibilities and ideas of how you can spend your day, we are here to help! Go on take the challenge!

  • The week of unknown?

    So we are heading into a week of stress and political jargon! With so many people waiting to see what really happens we here at Perfect London Escorts have decided that we are not going to take notice and wait for the verdict. If you are feeling the same way as us then come and join us and some time with one of our amazing girls. Stepping back from the politics and guaranteed no conversation about it. Forget your worries for an hour or more. Call today to make your booking and relieve all the stress.

  • Weekend!

    Whoo! It is the weekend again. Finally! All the girls are already up and active. They are looking for some fun and lots of bookings. If you would like to spend some time with one of our beautiful escorts then do not delay. Book today! Make your weekend fun!

  • Woman’s day.

    Happy International Woman's day. Do not worry if you do not have an amazing woman to spend your day with because I have plenty just for you. Do not let an opportunity go to waste and really who needs an excuse to love a woman? There are still girls available at all times today. Call now to make your booking.

  • Girl Power!

    So we all know how capable as females we really are but now finally others are realising this too! With NASA finally agreeing to send the first all-female group into space to actually walk on the moon it is becoming more obvious how times are changing. If you are looking for something out of this world then look no further! All our girls promise to give you an experience you will not forget.

  • Don´t Forget

    Not only do we have the hottest, sexiest girls available in London. You can also save money whilst making a booking with us. We have a great loyalty scheme to reward our loyal clients. Take a look on our website of how this works. You can also contact us anytime with questions by sending us a message, email or now WhatsApp.

  • Let it begin!

    A brand new week and a lot to look forward to this week. We have more girls looking to join our agency and we have a lot returning for the spring and summer months. Is there someone you have been missing? Keep an eye on our website over the coming days for all the changes. Lory has also just returned after been away for months. You know that we here at Perfect London Escorts aim to bring you the very best.

  • Last chance!

    So it is Sunday and what a day to make plans. This is the last chance this week to make your week unforgettable. We have lots of girls starting work early today and working all the way through until early tomorrow morning. There is a lot of anticipation that this is going to be a really busy week. Do you want to go back to work in the morning without having the chance to spend the day relaxing? Ready to take your booking now!

  • March!

    March is here and are we heading to early spring? This is not something that anyone wants to miss. Good weather in the UK? Why not get into the summer mood with one of our stunning Perfect London Escorts. We have something that everyone and you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Stop by our Website today and browse through all our girls.

  • The weekend is near!!

    Finally, it is Friday again and the start of a brand new month. Spring is just around the corner! before you know it summer will be here. Remember to keep checking our website both mobile and desktop version. Every Monday and Friday we change the girls so you get to view as many as possible without having to search. Of course, our fabulous websites are made for ease so you can find just what you are looking for. See someone you like? Give us a call to make your booking.

  • Weekend plans?

    No is the perfect time for you to make weekend plans. So many girls already have bookings this weekend meaning it is likely to be a busy one. You really do not want to miss out on your favourite girl. Contact me today to make a prebooking for a time and date that suits you. You really do not want to be left disappointed that the one you want already has plans.

  • Dinner Date?

    So where better for choice than London? With so many places to go and so many sights to see you will have options like no other. With the upcoming opening of a brand new Turkish restaurant in London. Where many famous faces have been spotted in their other restaurants around the world. It would be a perfect location for you to experience a wonderful fulfilling Girlfriend Experience. Do not worry if this is not the place for you. London has so much choice when it comes to dining out. We here at Perfect London Escorts also offer you a wonderful choice of companion.

  • Basking in the Weather

    So we are having fabulous weather for February and it is said to get hotter. If you like it hot then you have come to the right place. Why not add a little heat to your life that does not involve the outside temperatures. If you fancy making the most of a hot day and truly backing in life and good old vitamin D then get your summer clothes on and take a day off! Do not forget to seek shade at regular intervals and what better way then stopping off to meet one of our gorgeous escorts. Located all over central London.

  • New week!

    It is a new week and we have so much to offer you. Brand new girls and girls returning. All very eager to meet and be with you. Of course, we have our very trusty and faithful long term girls also available. Take a look through our website and see everything that we have to offer you. We have designed a very easy website for you to navigate with many options to narrow down your search.

  • Nearly there!

    The weekend is almost over and it has been a great one. The girls are feeling very enthusiastic that today is going to be a great day. Having nearly all the girls signed in by 10 am they are hoping to have a lot to do. If you would like to make a booking today then get in early. Already they are a few that are fully booked and this is growing by the minute. Today seems to be a day of fun! Do you want to miss out?

  • Party day?

    So I am told the girls are bored today and they are looking for some fun and some excitement. We have a great selection of girls available right now and until very very late. Don't leave making plans too long. I am ready to take your calls now! Do not forget our amazing loyalty rewards system also! More fun for less!

  • Friday feeling!!

    It is Friday and we are already having that weekend feeling here at Perfect London. So far it is shaping up to be a busy one for us and we hope that this will continue all weekend. Do not forget to give us advance on any booking to avoid disappointment. We are ready for your calls/messages right now!

  • The day after

    So it is the day after the Brit awards and I am sure that there are a lot of sore heads floating around London today. I have the perfect hangover cure for you and I have the perfect girls to make you forget your headache. A very busy ahead for us here at Perfect London Escorts. Book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Mid-Week Pleasures!

    So we have finally hit mid-week and what better way to give yourself an energy boost then letting off some steam and relaxing with a beautiful woman? We have a wonderful selection of women all shapes and sizes available right now. Do not forget our amazing loyalty point system when making a booking too! A great way to save so you can see more girls.

  • A Perfect Monday

    So it is a brand new week and it is looking to be the same old same old. Do you want to shake things up a little bit here and make plans for your day? Why not take a look at our website and think about how you will spend an hour or more with one of our stunning escorts. The website is all up to date, Search by location, Services, Appearance and now even Price.

  • Sunday Funday??

    So are you looking to spice up your Sunday? Why not have a little fun whilst enjoying the day of rest? We here at Perfect London Escorts have just the thing for you. No matter your preference we are here to help you! Give us a call and arrange your perfect Sunday afternoon now! The lines are open until 2 am so there is no hurry! If you have a free hour or more we can help you enjoy it.

  • Celebrations.

    So as it turns out we have a few girls celebrating their birthdays. Either today or already passed this week. They are making plans right now to go out and have a good time. Have you got something to celebrate today? If so then take a look at our website and find the perfect girl to make your weekend better! The girls are waiting right now.

  • Plans?

    It is finally Friday and if you did not have time to celebrate Valentine's day in style then why not make plans now? The weekend is finally here and we have a lot of girls that are available just for you. Lots of availability this weekend so contact us and we will help you in any way that we can. Do not forget to check out our brand new escorts. They are very eager to please.

  • Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope that you have a great day spending it with someone who fulfils all your fantasies. If you do not have someone to share it with, Then look no further we have the ideal women for you. What are you searching for? We can help you. Do not be shy contact us today to make this a memorable day.

  • New Week New Girls.

    We here at Perfect London Escorts have had a very busy weekend. Not only with all the bookings for our beautiful girls but with so many new girls coming to London and wanting to work with our agency. This is great for you as a client but also for us. Having worked in London for more than a decade it is great to see that our great reputation still brings in loads of new girls. Take a look today!

  • Sunday is fun day!

    Happy Sunday everyone. So they say today is a day of rest? What better way to spend it then having a wonderful full body massage? We have girls available already this morning and all through the day and night. If you feel like treating yourself give us a call today and we will help you have a fun day.

  • Remember your loyalty!

    Hi everyone happy Saturday. Just a quick reminder that here at Perfect London Escorts we offer you a loyalty rewards scheme. If you have had a booking with us already you will probably already know. If not I will give you a quick description. If you make any booking with us for 1 hour or more you will receive 10 points. Which is worth 10 pounds. You can build these up or use them on any booking. You can also earn 10 points by writing a review of the girl you have just spent time with on either punternet, captain 69, the erotic review and uk punting.

  • It’s Friday!

    What are your plans for the weekend? Now is a great time to think about all the spare time you will have and what you are going to do with it. Will it be a weekend of shopping? A night out? Or spend some time with a beautiful woman just for your pleasure? If it is the latter then stop right where you are! We here at Perfect London Escorts have just what you are looking for. Over the course of today, we will also be adding four new girls so look out for Demi, Dulce, Mikka and Raffaela. There is a bit of everything with these 4. From Busty, Curvy and Petite.

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    So the year of the pig has begun. Another great reason for you to celebrate. London has been bustling with all the festive cheer and parades. Everyone's spirits are high and happy. The girls are feeling great and waiting by the phones for bookings as we speak. Pick a gorgeous escort and see if she can bring you luck? I can even ask her to wear red!

  • Spoilt for choice

    I am bringing you more good news! (I really spoil you all) Not only do I have more new girls we have our favourites returning once again. Frutti, Tyler, Ivy, Ellyn and Jess are back and ready to work. New girls, we have Ella, Georgia, Anabel and Sara! look them up today! All of them are available from now!

  • Keep them coming!

    So as always, I am spoiling you! Not only are more fabulous girls returning like Desire, Nicky and Andie... But we are bringing you even more new girls! I never stop looking after all of you out there! Keep your eyes open for Sara, Thalita, Georgia, and Anabel. Of course along with all the other new girls we have had so far this month!

  • Dancing On Ice

    Well, I don't know about the tv show but I do know that the streets are perfect if you want to do your own version. Be safe out there! We are uploading more new girls over the day and tomorrow so keep an eye out for them. Also, we are still making many updates to the website to make it easier for you. Any suggestions? Feel free to drop us a message. Happy Sunday everyone x

  • Be prepared.

    With a prediction of awful weather this weekend we here at Perfect London Escorts would like to tell you all to be extra careful out there on the roads. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Do not forget to book a gorgeous girl to keep you warm. What could possibly go wrong? Sounds like you will have your weekend all sorted! I am ready and waiting to take your booking now!

  • Friday!! New month!

    Happy Friday all of you! It is going to be yet another cold weekend but do not fear. As always I have just the thing for you. We have new girls! Yes brand new and ready to prove themselves as experienced and eager! If you would like to be one of the first to give them a review then do not delay. Get in contact with me today! I am waiting for your call or message now!

  • Making it Easier for you!

    So thanks to all the bad press and political outrage! Our girls have decided that it is time to move. Literately! So now all our girls are leaving Chelsea Cloisters. Which is great not just for them but for you. Our girls are not more spread out around central London making it easier for you to find your perfect girl closer to you! Remember you can search by location via the website! Have a great Thursday...

  • Snow is coming!

    So with the weatherman predicting a turn for the worst and temperatures dropping what can we do to stay warm? Well, I can tell you that I have a fantastic range of girls happy and willing to keep the chill away from you! Take a look at our website today and I am sure that you will find the Perfect London Escort for you. Still struggling to decide? Search by Location, Services, Hair colour and many other of your own preferences. Or call us now! We are waiting to take your call.

  • Everything is new!

    So the new year and everything new continues right now. We are getting some really great hot and ready new girls just for you. Our existing girls are all returning from their holidays and are eager to get back to work. We have someone for everyone. Do not be afraid to look through our website. If you cannot find your perfect then give us a call and we will be happy to help.

  • Baby it is cold outside.

    It is getting colder and I have just the thing to keep you warm. With so many girls now active on our website, there is someone for everyone. Literately! Take a look today I am sure you will find just what you are looking for.

  • Go on….

    Well the weekend is here once again and oh my do we have some treats for you. So many girls are returning from their holidays and it seems that many of you have been waiting for this as the girls are getting booked fast. If you do not want to miss out of you have been waiting a while then get in touch today.

  • Back to Reality!

    So the holidays are officially over! Now is about getting back in your routine and enjoying your free time once more. If you feel that you would like to spend time with a beautiful woman then we are here for you. We can offer something for everyone and many many services to please all your tastes. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

  • About time!

    So as you all know a lot of our girls have been off for the holidays and have been spending time with their own families! I am very happy to say that they have already started to return and there is a lot of positive well rested girls now available for you. They are returning with a happy positive attitude to the new year and just waiting to get it off to a great start. Call today to book one of our beautiful girls.

  • Happy New Year

    Happy 2019 and thank you to all our clients for choosing us in 2018. We hope that this New Year will bring you all you want and more. With the girls returning after their holidays we are getting booked up fast. You do not want to miss out on your Perfect date. Call today to avoid disappointment.

  • Holidays Planning!

    The holidays are now in full swing! What are your plans right now? Do not forget with many of our girls away to spend time with their own families the ones left are getting booked very fast. You do not want to miss out on finding your perfect holiday treat. Go on why not?

  • Happy Monday!

    So what are your plans? Let's face it there is nothing much to do right now. All the entertainment on Tv has finished. The jungle has finished with a new king crowned. Do you fancy a little more adventure in your life? Are you longing for excitement? How will you spend your weekend now? Take a look at our website. It is so easy to navigate and makes finding your ideal girl so easy. Anyone can do it. If you need more help then give us a call.

  • Take notice! Do not miss out!

    Happy Mid-week everyone. Just a quick reminder that our amazing stunning girls are based all over central London. Look at our Paddington, Queensway and Bayswater girls! I am confident you will find everything that you are looking for right there!

  • What will this week bring?

    Well yet another brand new week and already we are looking forward to the weekend. Get your week started properly and take a look at our brand new escorts and the girls returning from their holidays. Do not let the daily grind get you down. Find the perfect way to release all that pent-up tension!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving. Whether you celebrate or not it is a great reason to do something special with your day. It is now officially holiday season and tomorrow you can grab yourself a bargain. Of course here at Perfect London Escort Agency, every single day is a bargain for you! Great value for money and satisfaction guaranteed. What more could you want? I mean who really needs a reason?

  • We are really spoiling you!

    So as always the clients always come first! (excuse the pun!) We are getting ready for the festive season and we as always are bringing you more and more. We have loads of new girls for you to see and meet. Also, we have loads of girls returning to provide you more choice over the holidays. We do not want to leave you without your perfect so let us know who you want as soon as you decide. Do not forget our amazing loyalty program for those of you who like more than one. Or if it is at the same time look at our DUOS all up to date and ready to play!

  • Finally!

    The weekend is finally here! Have you made plans yet? If not you do not want to miss out on your perfect date, then call us now. The girls are getting busier as the day goes on so do not leave yourself without your ideal girl! Also to add a little extra we have Nicky, Porsha, Rave and Tiara Back today!

  • Nearly there!

    The weekend is finally coming and it is something to look forward to! Do not forget to book the girl that you really want early to avoid been disappointed. You can prebook in advance and confirm on the day if this is something that suits you better! Especially if your mind is set on one of our stunning escorts!

  • New week!

    Well, it is a brand new week and already we are heading to mid-November. We have had a great start to this week and hoping that this is something that will continue in the coming days. Be warned bookings are going really fast so if there is on girl you are waiting for then get it booked early. We are here to please you. On a plus! Tyler is back from her holidays! Her availability is going fast.

  • Be Quick!

    So it is Sunday and everyone is looking for fun! Today is proving to be a busy one for our escorts here at Perfect London. Do not miss your opportunity to meet with the perfect girl for you. What an end to this week!

  • The Weekend

    The weekend is finally here and you will be pleased to know that some of our girls still have availability over the next two days. You really do not want to miss out on seeing the girl of your dreams. Call or message us today to make your weekend complete.

  • Nearly the Weekend

    So it is nearly the weekend! What are your plans? We are already taking bookings and the girls are getting booked up. As always offer you a fantastic range of girls to suit all your wants and needs. Also, all our services are top notch. Why spend the weekend alone when these beautiful ladies are waiting for you?

  • Stocking up for Christmas

    Hello Everyone. More great news! We have even more new girls joining our agency this week. Be the first to know them and the first to book. But you better hurry! Already loads of interest and the profiles are only just going live. I have a feeling you will have to be quick. Look at Ama, Desire, Coraibe and Bony here.

  • The treats keep coming!

    Ok so we are now in November and the year is passing us by. But look at what we have to offer you right now. Finally, our beautiful and a little naughty Astrid and Ana Blu are back. A day many of you have been waiting for. They are already getting booked for today. Why not treat yourself to some amazing company. You will not be disappointed!

  • Check this out!

    Happy Friday everyone the weekend is very nearly here. What are your plans? If you are in the mood for a little light reading this weekend why not check out our blog. This is something that is really taking off now with many thanks to the people who are sending in their stories for us to publish. If you want to see things from another perspective or you can relate to the story it does not matter. It is all there for you to enjoy! Check out our latest post here.

  • What are your plans?

    Halloween is here everyone! What are your plans for this evening? Already a very busy day for all our escorts and booking are going fast. If you want a true break from tradition and knocking on loads of doors, I can give you just one door that will guarantee a treat for you!

  • Halloween Ready.

    Well, Halloween is very nearly here and the girls are getting into the spirit. We have a lot of little devils and naughty angels just waiting for you. Make your Halloween memorable and book your Perfect London Escort today!

  • New For You!

    We have had a really busy few weeks here at Perfect London Escort Agency. We are truly blessed with all the new girls we now have available for you. We have a little bit of everything so no matter what you are looking for we have someone that is perfect for you. Check them all out here or follow these links for the most recent:  Chelsea, Candy, Dottie, Ligia, Andora.

  • Look who’s back!

    Great news and something that I know a few people have been waiting for. The Gorgeous, Hot, Naughty and a little Cheeky Britney is finally back from her holidays. She was fully booked yesterday so get in early if you would like to meet with her. This is something that you do not want to miss!

  • Aina

    Aina is back from her holidays! Well rested and ready to get back to work. She tells me that she had a fantastic break but she missed spending time with her guests. She is very eager to get going again and is already filling up with bookings. Being one of our most sought-after girls there are many that have been waiting for her return.

  • Weekends at Perfect London Escort Agency

    The weekend is nearly here and everyone is getting ready. After a very busy week, the girls are looking for some fun and an opportunity to relax and unwind. Knowing this is what you want the girls have been getting up to date with the latest massage trends and techniques. These girls will stop at nothing to please you and give you all that they have got. If you need some time to relax and would like a set of hands belonging to a very beautiful girl all over you. Then do not delay! Book today to plan your perfect experience.

  • Do not miss out!!

    So once again we have had a really busy week here at Perfect London Escort Agency. With even more beautiful and classy girls joining our agency. We have has a wonderful influx of Sexy Spanish ladies that will leave you hungry for more. All girls are experienced and verified by us. Take a look now at our new girls. You will be sure to find one for yourself.

  • What have you been missing?

    Perfect London Escort Agency has so much to offer you. You will be spoiled for choice as we are sure that we have the perfect girl for you. All our girls are approved and experienced. We guarantee that you will be getting a high-class escort with a range of services that they personally pick and are happy to do. There is no question that our Escorts are stunning, beautiful and perfect for an evening of fun. Do not be shy in asking for what you really want. Call today and let us see if we can find you a Perfect match.

  • Fancy a little Spanish?

    Being one of the best escort agencies in London we are always getting and welcoming new girls. This week has been no exception. Take a look at our new girls today. As always we only bring the best if the best to you and we personally meet and greet all the girls before they go live on our site. What you see is really what you get. This week has been especially busy and we have welcomed several new Spanish girls. They are hot and ready to go. I do not feel that they will have much free time very soon! Take a look at Belle, Tanya and Blanca to name but a few.

  • That time of year for Perfect London Escorts!

    So Autumn is officially here and now all the girls are returning from their holiday rested and ready to go. If you are looking for ways to keep warm as the seasons change then we have just what you need. So much choice and always the greatest selection to meet all your needs. You will not be disappointed. We also have some really great new girls that are ready to begin their brand new journey into the world of escorts. Give us a call and you personally can show them the way. Take a look at our new girls, Or see if your favourite is back from their holidays.

  • What’s your favourite colour?

    Yes, you guessed it! Pink is finally back from her holidays. Rested relaxed and hotter than ever! (If that is possible) She is back and ready to work! A truly lovely genuine person inside and out she is one of the most sought after and busiest escort we have within our agency. I know many of you have been waiting for her return and now the wait is over. She is understandably getting very busy so make sure you book in advance. This is one girl you do not want to miss out on!

  • Updates!

    Hello, We have even more girls returning to us from their much needed holidays! We also have a few new girls joining our agency. This is really great news for us, the website and all of you looking to make a booking. Back from holidays we have...... Ellice, Malvina, Cleo, Darlene, Stefani, Cherry and more! Take a look at the website for your favourite. New to our agency we have...... Holly, Chloe, Chiska, Macie and Mia. We also have more new profiles waiting to go live. Keep an eye out! ... Click here to explore

  • Great News.

    We have even more girls back with us after their holidays. This is turning out to be a very busy month and perfect timing for us to offer you more choice. The girls back are Rave, Alexa, Hellen, Aimie, Alegria, Goldie, and Willow. There is someone there for everyone! Do not miss your chance to meet them. ... Click here to explore

  • Back and ready!

    Great news. We have even more of our Escorts returning from their holidays. All rested and relaxed. Many tanned all over! Take a look at our site for the girls that have returned.  Mimosa, Faye, Emmy Rae, Lilah, Alzena and Leanne. Now you are truly spoiled for choice. We have someone to meet all your needs. Keep watching the website for out updates on DUOS. Check out all the news, girls and information here.

  • News

    Newsflash! We are constantly working to improve our website and having some really great feedback. Keep looking and let us know what you think of it. The home page will be updated on a regular basis showing you the best rated and most popular escorts of the week. Having our site constantly updated you will be able to see if your favourite or desired escort is available or back from her holidays. Do not forget to check out our Twitter account. The new Escort of the weeks is the amazing Aylin take a look at her website and book in advance so you are not disappointed. ... Click here to explore

  • Updates!

    We have even more beautiful women returning from their holidays the last few days. The girls are fully rested and ready to work. There has been a lot of requests whilst they have been on holiday so do not miss the opportunity to book them before they are too busy once again. Visit their profiles following the links on their names to see if your ideal Escort is among them. Girls returning are Maya, Karen, Carol, and Ana Blu. Also, check out Barbara and Chanel's profiles.

  • It’s Monday

    What better way to start your week? We have new escorts ready to meet you. We have escorts returning from their holidays and better yet we have everything that you could be looking for! Take a look at our newly updated website using this link. Look at our new Escorts Ely, Mira and Angie. We also have a brand new escort of the week. Look at Annemona's profile today! Call, Message, WhatsApp or Email to make a booking. You can always choose the perfect girl for you by location, Appearance and now even the service that they offer you.

  • They are back!

    The best news this weekend! The girls are finally returning from their holidays. All rested and relaxed and ready to get back to work. Have you missed them? Call now to make a booking so you are not disappointed. Take a look through the profiles and see if your favourite Escort has returned. They are Adney, Anita, Arietta and Kriss...... To make your Sunday even better, We have just added 2 brand new Escorts to our website. Take a look now at Angie and Mira. Both very eager to start.

  • New Escorts!

    Great news! We have some new Escorts to introduce you to. Welcome to Autumn, Amber, Merlot, Jess and Ely. It is a real pleasure to welcome them to the team, Already they are a big hit with our clients. These girls provide something for everyone. Brunette or Blonde. Curvy or Petite. Come and have a look at their profiles today and you will not be disappointed but be quick! This is something that you really do not want to miss out on.

  • Congratulations

    The I'm a Celebrity get me out of here presenter Declan Donnelly and his wife Ali Astall have welcomed their first child. Just ahead of the good news of who will be staring alongside Declan Donnelly on the upcoming series, as Ant McPartlin takes more time out to work on his personal issues. Congratulations and well wishes are coming from near and far to congratulate the happy couple on their new arrival. A daughter named Isla Elizabeth Anne. Born 1 September at 9am.

  • Escort Updates!

    We have some really great news for you. Our escorts returning from holidays are Cezy, Annabeth and Adrianne! They are all well rested beautifully tanned and eager to get back to work. Take a look through their profiles now. Bookings are going quickly so do not delay. Also, we have a brand new Escort her name is Autumn. She has experience and has already gained a lot of interest. ... Click here to explore

  • Updates….

    We have great news this week. Our gorgeous Escort Morgan is back off her holidays. Relaxed and suntanned All over! She is ready to take your bookings now. Be quick she is a busy lady! Also, Brielle our beautiful curvy new Escort is mixing up a storm. She is getting fantastic reviews and a lot of recommendations! Do not miss out on this opportunity. Arrange your booking today!

  • Carnival!

    Finally, it is that time of year again! This Bank Holiday weekend brings the Notting Hill Carnival into full swing. Thousands of revellers will be in London this weekend to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. Yesterday the Carnival brought a rainy day to all who attended. Today the sun will finally be making an appearance. Make the most of it and get yourself outside enjoying the party.

  • I am a celebrity get me out of here announces new presenter!

    So it has left many of us wondering who will fill Ant Mcpartlin's shoes on this years I´m a Celebrity get me out of here. It has just been confirmed that this year standing beside Declan Donnelly will be the beautiful Holly Willoughby. Having presented multiple shows in the past this was something that was highly anticipated and has now been confirmed. The brand new series will be coming to our TV's later this year!

  • Celebrity Big Brother

    So it begins. Already the house has seen its first eviction. Natalie Nunn is the first contestant from this series to be sent home. The 33-year-old known for her role in the TV series bad girls appeared to be shocked that she was the first person to be voted out after only a week. It appears that the other housemates turned on her in the short time that she was there. Well someone has to be first!

  • Love Island Winner Dani Dyer!

    Love Island Winner 2018 Dani Dyer is back in action this Bank Holiday. Dani is going to be hosting Capital One radio for a full 3 hours this Monday. She has given fans a little hint of what to expect and you are sure to be happy with the choices. Dani is going to be playing top tunes of this season along with her own personal favourite Arianna Grande!  Tune in between 7 pm and 10 pm and do not miss it!

  • Madonna turns 60

    The Queen of pop is turning 60 this week. She once said ‘people are afraid to ask for what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want!’ Do not sit in silence, call us now and tell us what you want and who you want!

  • Spice Girls in Town

    It is easy to see how the Spice Girls where and are still are so popular. If you have a combination of good looks, sex appeal, naughty smile, sexy body and if you can sing even if is only a little then it becomes perfect then you have the Spice Girls ! a good example is Ada Lee ... Click here to explore

  • Summer is not over yet

    Well, the temperature may be dropping a little but the summer it's not over yet. ! especially with all the new girls arriving from their holiday all nice and tanned and with all that fresh energy and lust for adventure I would say the heat is just coming to town! check out our main gallery and you will soon realise what I mean ! ... Click here to explore

  • Willow getting excellent reviews

    Willow who is a new girl in London, has been getting so much attention! not only because she is a stunning looking girl but apparently also because of her services. Clients seam to be very happy. We only hear good things about her. Maybe you want to check her out sometime. ... Click here to explore

  • Dancing Girls

    If you haven't already notice, we have introduce dancing girls all over our website ! yes that's right! We have this incredible good looking and very flexible girls dancing or striping or doing some very dangerous tricks while they are doing pole dancing. This is just the beginning so we hope you enjoy the show ! pls feel free to leave us your comments !

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