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Setting The Record Straight

Mon / Jan / 2019

Hi, I am an Escort and I have been working with the Agencies in London for about 4 years. I would just like to take a minute of your time to set the record straight once and for all. I am Eastern European and I adore London and all it has to offer. But let’s face it. It is not a cheap place to live. I came to London knowing exactly what my plans were and I planned to go into the escort business long before I arrived. I have friends also in the same line of work. They told me all about London and what it had to offer before I even arrived. It sounded amazing and now that I am here I could not imagine been anywhere else.

I am not stupid by any means and I know exactly what was needed to be an Escort. I love intimacy I always have and I always will. Every little thing that this entails really turns me on and to think that I can please multiple men excited me a lot. Do not get me wrong the money was something that was also appealing along with the security I get from the agencies I work with. People often think that it is all an act. That the woman gets nothing out of what she is doing.

We are not robots we feel and have senses too. Sometimes it is hard to hold back how much we really need the touch of a man or to feel the full power of intimacy. I am not a prude by any means yet many men hold back their true desires. For me, this will always leave a lacking in life. I will tell you what I want and need. It is down to you as a man to deliver this for me. You do this and I will make sure you get the same back in return.

Now time for the grievances I have. I often get asked if I enjoy what I do or why I chose this line of work. By often I mean a lot! As recent as only yesterday one of my clients looked at me and asked why I chose this for work.

I want to explain to you why and set the record straight. My body needs a man’s touch this is something that I constantly crave. I am a very sensitive person in every way and I like to be pleased and turned on. No matter how much a person pleases me I always want more. Something that would be a challenge in any relationship you can see where I am coming from. Not only that I like different. Meaning different people different experiences along with positions and ways to please.

The taste of a man sets me on fire. This is not me exaggerating this is me being honest. Every man is unique and I want to taste and feel them all. Variations, needs and wants are something that varies with every person and this is one of the things that stops me getting bored and seeking relief elsewhere. Now for the men that think us women do not enjoy this! Oh, how wrong you are. Well for me anyway.

I love been touched and I can guarantee that I will not be faking anything with you. When I am hot this is something I will let you know. I do not really connect with shy men as much. A man who knows what he wants before he even touches me is something that will guarantee my pleasure. I am vocal with what I need and I like dirty talking to keep the flames high and passion pure.

Starting this job on day one was something that was beyond nerve-wracking that coupled with the fact of what other people think had me often second guessing my decisions. Once the first week was over I was addicted and wanting more and more. I was beginning to get busier. Reviews were really great and a wonderful confidence booster that I needed. I also had regular clients returning often. Of course, the money was also something that helped and gave me the security financially that I had been lacking previously.

I cannot talk for all the girls who are in this line of work and I have personally seen a lot come and go deciding that this is not the right path for them. I wish them all the luck in the future. However, I feel that I have found my true calling in life and it is getting better the older that I am getting.

It is often said that there is a time frame to this line of work and a few years is all I will get out of it. Well, Guess what? I am still here and I am not ready to hang up my thong and knee boots just yet. The next time you book an escort either as a regular or a one time client. Take the time to think about what she likes. A woman seeks pleasure the same as a man. I love the feeling of my body exploding as much as I love it when a man has finally reached his peak.

Just a quick ending to this lengthy explanation (what I am female!)

Life is short and life is what you make it. Find something that makes you happy and keep on doing it until you cannot do it anymore. Do not spend so much time looking and judging others or worrying about what they will think or say. Answer only to yourself. Xx


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