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The Cure For Loneliness

Fri / Nov / 2018

I do not really know where to begin with telling you all about my life. So please bear with me and I will start from the very beginning.

I am a single dad, I have been for the full 4 years of my son’s life. I love being a parent but it is hard work and often very lonely. I do not have time to go out dating and although I have tried online dating it really is not for me. I do not really seek a relationship but I do seek the touch of a woman and intimacy.

On a particularly lonely day after my son went to bed. I was feeling really low, unloved and needing a connection of some sort.

I decided to look through the internet simply to get the relief that my body feels like it is constantly lacking. I am not going to sugar coat or lie to anyone here. In the past, I have watched movies and I have read erotic stories in the past to find that release. It is something that normally always works for me but this one night I could not get to that point. I was beyond frustrated.

When searching on the internet I came across escort services. Now for me, this is something that has never appealed as I felt I was wrong to use a woman or even pay a woman simply for sex. I spent a lot of time looking and reading about the girls and I began to realise that this is something that they enjoy too.

Feeling more positive I limited my search to a couple of websites and started browsing my own preferences. I wanted a brunette, natural and petite. I wanted a real genuine person. Preferably kind towards me and understanding of my needs.

The full GFE is something that appealed to me. I wanted to talk feel wanted and be turned on. Not simply arrive and jump straight into things. Now the struggle began I found a girl that I really liked but I am too nervous to pick up the phone and make the phone call! I know I know pathetic right….. So off I go to bed horny and ready with no relief except my own hand AGAIN

The next day was pretty much an exact carbon copy of the day before and I was starting to get really angry with myself. Finally at about 1 am and a lot of “talking to myself” I called the number and spoke to the receptionist. After a quick explanation and what I was looking for, I gave her the name of the girl I had been cyber stalking for the last 2 days.

I made an overnight booking for the next evening as I really wanted to take my time and get to know her so we could enjoy one another. After organising childcare about 4 hours before the meeting was actually taking place! I went out got a few bottles of champagne, I wanted to make the right impression and of course I needed the courage. I was ready! So ready! I only had about another hour to wait and the nerves were really winning out. My date finally arrived and she was about 4 minutes late so I was wound really tight at this point.

I greeted her at the door and played a true gentleman (because this is what I am) I took her coat and it was all nearly over for me! She had on the sexiest underwear I have ever seen in my life. My mouth was so dry I could not speak and other areas were beyond ready to start peeling off the layers. Snapping back into real life I got us both a drink and we sat down. We talked a little bit in all honesty, I have no clue what we talked about.

My mind was on other things and racing around in circles. I really think she noticed I was staring at her as she removed my glass from my hand placed it on the table and leaned in for a kiss! I was blown away and it was so hot. The contact was amazing and I realised just how much I had been missing it in my life. Shaking the fuzziness from my brain I finally start to respond. She then pulls back stands up and starts to undress whilst giving the sexiest little dance I have ever seen in my life. Now I am more than worried that this will be all over very very quickly and I sense she can see this in my eyes.

She stops and leads me towards the bathroom where we both shower and ignite the already burning flames. Amazing seems far too sombre a word to use for how the evening continued to go from good to even better to mind-blowing.

We spent a full 8 hours together and I think that this was the least amount of sleep I have had overnight in a long long time. But I felt amazing and very awake the next day with a stupid grin on my face that pretty much said it all.

I know that I have been missing out thinking about right and wrongs and my own morals here. I am frustrated that this is something I could have been enjoying for years. We both had a really great time and there was no way she was pretending to enjoy her work or that this was something she did simply for money. I loved my evening and I have already been looking at my next.

It has given me not only pleasure for an evening but great memories to keep me warm a while longer. My advice is, do not be so quick to judge and give it a go. Life is too short to be alone or lonely. When you are seeking the touch and the feel of a real person then you should really go for it fulfilling some of your fantasies along the way. I have a lot of ideas I want to put to good use in the future and I refuse to be shy any longer. Now is all about me!


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