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Tips For Enjoying The Perfect Experience

Fri / Jun / 2018

When you book an escort you probably have all kinds of high expectations in mind. Of course, you want her to look like and actually be the woman in her photo’s. You probably also want her to have her make up all done and wearing the highest heels with the sexiest lingerie underneath a high-end fashion dress which is fine, she will be looking like a knockout but have you ever stopped to wonder just what’s expected of you as a client?

Sure you’re expected to make sure you pay the right amount and be respectful but what else? Also if you’ve never booked an escort before it can be an incredibly exhilarating and terrifying experience. You may have all kinds of thoughts racing through your head such as what to say, how to behave and will you satisfy her? Fear not though for we’re going to go through a few things you can do to make the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for you both.


So the first thing to think about is what is expected of you every time, and that’s cleanliness. Cleanliness is definitely expected and although you may think it’s a given because you’re so smart not everyone is. Make sure to have a shower before your booking and to scrub yourself clean with shower gel, shampoos and body lotions. Escorts, at the end of the day, are women. Incredibly beautiful women, but women and therefore don’t want to spend time with any man who stinks so keep your body odour in check and hygiene on point.

As well as keeping yourself clean make sure you’re environment is clean. When booking an escort you may choose an in-call service where you go to her and she could be operating out of a hotel room or even her own residential home. The other service you could choose is an out-call service is in which the escort is sent out to you and that could be to your own home if you wish or maybe to a hotel you’re staying at.

Either way, make sure your environment is completely spotless and comfortable to sit in. Nobody wants to be in a messy environment and a clean environment also says a lot about you as a person. If she thinks you take care of yourself and what’s around you then she can be sure she’s in good hands. The cleanliness of your environment is also a good indication that you’ve also made an effort to impress and taken her thoughts into account.

Remember To Shower

On the topic of being pleasant of her and taking her thoughts into account, she may want a shower before beginning and may even want you to take a shower before proceeding. Don’t be offended by this as she’s only making sure and once you know your both clean you can continue with the booking. If she is going to take a shower you can expect her to need certain products before and even after your booking so make sure to think about this and leave out fresh towels as well as female body products such as lotions and conditioners.

Make Her Feel Relaxed

When she arrives, make sure to rest her thoughts and put her mind at ease immediately by offering her a drink of water or maybe even to indulge in some alcohol with you before beginning and offer her a tour of your place so she can be absolutely sure you guys are alone, not just in the room, but in the house and to make sure there aren’t any of your friends secretly hiding anywhere or trying to film the experience. She will be far more willing to please you if she knows it’s in absolute privacy so be mindful of this and make sure it’s only you present when you are together.

Many escorts are represented by agencies who are aware of her whereabouts and it’s very likely either with them or friends and family, that she will have to check in with them on arrival. So again, don’t be offended or annoyed if your gorgeous date gets out her phone and immediately begins a call. Usually, she is just letting someone know she’s arrived at the booking and is safe so allow her to do this if you don’t want to be disturbed for the rest of your time together.

Ensure The Right Payment

When it comes to the payment it’s very important, and we can’t stress this enough, that you don’t, under any circumstances, pay less than the agreed amount or try to haggle. This is a red flag in the companionship industry and can have your booking cancelled and even have you permanently blocked from ever making another booking again. Don’t underpay or haggle and never hand cash over directly. The preferred method of payment for an escort is to leave the money in an envelope somewhere she can find it like the bathroom sink, once she has made confirmation the agreed amount has been paid you can then continue to proceed.

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So there we have it, a little list of things expected of you as a client that you could do to create a far more exciting and smoother experience for both you and your escort. So remember, be clean, clean your place, be tactful, be respectful, pay properly, and most of all, have fun!

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