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Fri / Oct / 2018

Trip to London

Hi, I am a businessman from Dubai. I travel to London often with the company I work for. I enjoy London on a whole but it is so busy. I like the food and the culture though.

I was in London last month for yet another meeting and I really wanted to go out for something to eat. I was in a bit of a predicament as I did not want to go and discuss work with the people I was within London and I did not want to go alone.

I like the company and I like to talk and find out about new people. I decided to ring Perfect London Escort Agency to see if they had anyone that would suit my need. Which were very basic. Someone good to talk to. Good looking and available to dine out with me in the Capital that evening.

I got sent through quite a few profiles for me to look at. The girls were all beautiful and I would not have minded spending time with any of them. Obviously, one girl really stood out for me and ticked all the proverbial boxes.

I then got in touch again and made a booking.


I met the girl outside the restaurant as arranged and I was knocked off my feet. She was perfect and just like her pictures, looked stunning. She met me with a beautiful smile that had me thinking about skipping dinner altogether.

In the end, I sorted myself out and we went to meet our reservation time.

I could not tell you what I ate that night only the night was really incredible. We talked a lot and laughed even more. It was like the perfect date for me.

We finally finished and I paid the bill. We left and called a Taxi to take us back to my hotel.

Now I was feeling really nervous as I did not really know what to expect.

I do not need to worry at all. She took over and WOW is all I can say. The connection was strong from the evening together but she was even better then I imagined. She let me take the control and I did everything that I wanted. She was hot and very horny and it really worked for me.

When we finished and it was time for her to go she kept saying thank you to me. I could not believe it. If anyone should be thankful it is me.

I do not think I will be shying away from volunteering to any future trips to London in the future. I have a feeling I will be the first person on the plane.

Sincerely A Very Satisfied Customer.

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