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Why married men choose high-class escort services?

Mon / Apr / 2019

The clientele of a high-class escort includes married men of all social, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. Primarily, married men are often looking for a non-judgmental ear to listen to them. They need to interact with a loving female like an elite London escort. But what does that say about their marriage? What is it that drives married men to high-class escorts, apart from the obvious physical appeal of these lovely companions?

 They seek sexual release but want to go back home

According to many women in the London escort industry, most married men still love their wives. Yet, they choose to be with an escort because they don’t want to hurt their partners. They have needs that are no longer fulfilled at home, but they certainly don’t want to leave their wives for that reason alone. The fact that they choose to satisfy their sexual needs is not a reflection of how they feel about their spouses. If they had stopped loving their partners, they would have left long ago. They stay married because they still love their wives, not because of the kids or financial reasons. Men know that sexual release results in a calmer version of themselves, which is what their wives want and need to see. Spending time with a cheap escort is a way to get their manly needs met without damaging their marriage.

They crave more affection than they get at home

Many married men confess they need more affection than what their partners are aware of. They rarely want an hour with a high-class escort. They want 2-3 hours, and it’s not because they can have sex for three hours in a row. It’s because they like to cuddle and sometimes, they appreciate a good chat. They want soft touching and even gentle sex. Many high-class escorts say that most married men are looking for intimacy, rather than a porn star affair. They merely crave the affection that they are not getting at home. Considering that many married couples are not sharing a bedroom anymore after kids come along or the fact that many households lack intimacy completely, it is no surprise that men go elsewhere, like any cheap escorts for sex and affection.

They don’t get enough attention at home

Despite their reluctance to accept it, men crave attention. Their ego needs to be continuously brushed. They need their achievements (even the smallest ones!) recognized. They still want to be the centre of their wives’ universe even if their lives have changed by kids or pets or demanding careers. Many married men complain their wives pay more attention to the dog than to them. They also say their wives don’t care about their professional lives and don’t dedicate any time to listening to them. While it’s understandable that wives are not just wives but also moms and employees, it is also true that their partners – men – should not become invisible once pets, kids, or promotions get into the picture. Spending time with a high-class escort, they satisfy their craving for attention.

They miss pleasing their wives

A married man miss that chooses to be with a cheap escort for a couple of hours misses pleasing his wife. It is not the frequent sex that he necessarily misses but the moments when he felt he was THE MAN for his wife. His ego plays a significant part in his desire, but his wife’s pleasure has crucial importance to them. Some married men don’t feel complete if they are no longer allowed to please their wives. They feel rejected when their wives refuse to let them please them because they feel fat or because they have hairy legs. Of course, they would appreciate it if their wives returned the favour too.

They need sex

Women are looking for the perfect foundation to match their skin tone their whole life. It is something that they need to feel flawless. Men need sex in a similar way. They love it and need it. When they don’t have sex, men don’t perform well at work, they get agitated and become stressed. The fact the sex is rara avis after some years into the marriage frustrates men more than anything else. It is not the lack of porn star sex that drives men to escort girls. It is the lack of sex in and by itself that drives them to spend time with an escort. They need the physical release that comes with sex. Of course, there’s no denying that there are men that will need variety even if they have sex three times a day at home. But, for most married men, it is a matter of having sex and nothing more.


To make the conclusion, married men are not just after satisfying physical craving for sex. They rather look for someone to have an affectionate chat with. At the same time,  they need a seductive, beautiful lady to give them attention, which their actual wives neglect to do.


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